Craft Classes for Kids & Adults

Art & Craft Classes

We are constantly growing and adding to our services to keep up with the latest trends.

At POP Crafts, we love offering customers various services to pick from. Therefore you can find a range of activities to participate in at our delightful studio. 
Splash some color on a craft of your choice using our permanent acrylic paints. This is what we offer so you can manifest those crafting skills:


If you don’t want to commit to a set time, we welcome walk-ins so long as the store isn’t rented for an event. All you need to do when you get in is:
Pick an item from our in-store inventory.
Find a seat &  jump right into painting.
    Take your item home the same day.

      Craft Classes for Kids

      Our kids classes are designed using the best teaching methods Melanie Possi uses to home school her children. As a graduate who majored in early childhood education, she is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge with your little ones.

      You can wholeheartedly trust that every class with POP crafts will be beneficial. As a result, your child will keep coming back for more.

      Craft Classes for Adults

      Whether you’re single or a parent, we all need our downtime. Painting is an excellent stress reliever and a great way to mingle with other adults. Our classes are interactive and fun, giving you a chance to explore that creative side you’ve probably had to suppress due to a demanding lifestyle.

      Book a Class

      Come join us for one of our craft classes and meet fellow crafting friends! To keep things interesting, our craft classes will change weekly.

      Various topics and crafts for children and adults will be covered during these fun-packed sessions. 

      1. Pick your date
      2. Fill out the class form
      3. Come on in on the day you’ve booked and indulge in your lesson
      4. Take your project home with you the same day

      Check out our calendar to find out what we’re up to each day.

      Special Needs Activities PA

      Please note: A $5 studio fee will be charged for on-site painting. This covers the cost of all supplies needed to paint and craft.


      We understand that life gets so busy that you may not have the time to spend at our studio. But you don’t have to miss out on all the fun!

      Stop by our store and shop from the inventory we have on hand. We have a selection of plaster figurines, wood pieces, and canvases that can be purchased to take the fun home! We also have all the painting supplies you may need on hand for purchase.

      Want something extra special or a specific project? Order it online and pick it up at the store 24-48 hours later. You will be notified as soon as your order is ready for pickup. 

      For rush orders, please contact the store directly at:


      Coming Soon!

      Because we like keeping things fun and interesting, we love building and adding to our services. The Possi family is constantly researching and coming up with fresh ideas for our customers and their family.

      We will soon be adding to our services with:

      ♦ Interactive Classes for Children and Adults ♦  Storytime with a Craft  ♦ Classes to Help with Fine Motor Development  ♦ Classes for Seasonal Activities ♦

      And so much more! If you can’t make it to one of our classes, you can always stop by and pick out a craft to paint at home.